***Coming soon: Verse-Drama Syllabus***


Mini Syllabus: Poetics of Queer Ecology
(after Janice Lee)

Course Description

Queer ecology is a series of evolving practices in art, science, and social criticism that center interrelationships and challenge the hierarchical and binary notions inherent in mainstream depictions of sex, gender, ability, species-relations, conservation, and politics. Through the prolonged study of these genre-defying texts, we will ask– alongside Joyelle McSweeney,– “What happens when art presses across national, linguistic, generic, and bodily boundaries—creating fecund, non-binary zones, releasing new energies, and configuring wondrous forms of thinking and living?” In this course, familiarized categories will erode as we seek to articulate new ways of being, and regard queer futurity as survivalist discourse.

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Course Readings