I would love to work with you! I write press releases, informational/promotional copy, interviews, freelance art/culture articles, and critical writing at a rate of .25 cents a word, as determined by the Working Artists and Greater Economy industry standard. This means $50 for 500-750 words / $75 for 750-1500 words.  

I have a certificate in grant writing and I charge a flat rate of $250 per grant, and referrals receive a discounted rate of $200. If you are an independent artist I offer my services on a PWUC sliding scale. I request an initial consultation with each client before providing grant writing assistance, and at least two weeks notice before the grant deadline to complete the project. Currently, I am also offering *free* equity consultation for nonprofit organizations.

I have lectures/workshops prepared in poetry, narrative/persuasive/research essays, verse dramas, grief/performance writing, and queer ecology. Shoot me a message through the form below to discuss!